Truck truck bo buck

I made the mistake of teaching Cohen the "Banana Fana" song.

It was fun for a while. He would giggle when I sang it. Then he learned to sing it himself.

But then Sunday, he and Brad walked home from church singing about everything they saw. Cohen saw a truck. Now he keeps singing the "Banana Fana" song about the truck over and over. If you think about it, this means he is saying a very foul cuss word quite frequently.

We are choosing to ignore it completely. When we told him that stupid wasn't a nice word, he started saying it more.
"Mom, is stupid a bad word?"
"Yes, Cohen. Let's try not to say it."
"OK. I wasn't saying stupid, I was just asking if stupid is a bad word."
We dont want that to repeat itself with the naughty rhyme to truck so in the meantime, we act like it's normal for our 3 year old to have the mouth of a sailor.


Leah said...

hardy har!! Doug and I had a good chuckle...hopefully he doens't blurt out the word in preschool or primary!

Courtney said...

Oh goodness! I can imagine the shock the first few times and now the cringe every time you hear it! Time to teach him another catchy song?

Jaime S. said...

love it. I thought it was fun to sing that sound about a guy named Mitch in the 5th grade.

Meagan said...

hehehehe that's a funny story to tell him when he's older.

Amanda said...

he's not really saying a real word....it's just a nonsense rhyme with truck...right??? oi!