I'm done being a Phoenix

Who was I kidding?
I dont have 25 hours to devote to teaching an online class.
Especially when you break down what I'd be getting paid for all that invested time.
So tonight I sent my withdrawal of candidacy.
(Which is my academic and professional way of quitting.)
And it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!


Amanda said...

good for you. now what?

Jana said...

Hey Jill.I got your blog off of Alona's blog. Hope you don't mind. i am going to UofP to get my associate of paraprofessional certificate. I was going into Hman Services but that was way to hard. I spend a lot of time with my classes and I feel for you. 3 out of my 5 kids are in school so I do my work during nap time or at night. Committing to a lot of time teaching online has got to be really hard especially when you have little kiddos at home. What were you going to teach? I am glad you feel better and you can continue to devote your time to your kids.

Allen and Rachel Knight said...

I support you 100%. I feel good that you feel good, which feels good. :)