Comment Moderation

I thought I had lost all my readers! I've had ZERO comments the last 3 posts and I chalked it up to
too few posts + too lame of posts = no more readers.
My brother sent me a text saying, "What's up with the comment moderation on your blog?"
Oh yeah.
I forgot I did it.
I just get those random anonymous comments that I was trying to do away with. But I can just delete them.
I'm glad you're all still out there!!

I am still really happy with my decision to quit UOP. It's so not for me. At least not right now. I was going to teach a class about addictions, boundaries in relationships, etc. I just cant wrap my brain around teaching a class with 40 students who are each paying over $1000 to be in the class but I'm only going to get paid 1/40 of that?! Come on UOP. If you want quality, professional instructors then PAY THEM BETTER! Make it worth their time!

And so that's it for today. I quit so that I wouldn't have to sit in this chair and type all day so I'm not going to do it for blogging either! :)


KatieJ said...

haha! Sorry I'm usually feeding Harrison while blog reading so I rarely comment, but I do like to get them so I'll try to comment more! Well, that's awesome to know you CAN teach a class, and even more awesome that you don't have to, sounds like it was a ton of work!

Heidi said...

we could give you and ear full about uop. Nate just has 15 students in his class that he is teaching and it takes tons of time- granted it is his first class and he has to do a bunch of extra stuff because of it. There seems to be some excellent students and then others that he does not know how they graduated from their undergrad program - awful papers. Nate toyed around the idea of getting a graduate degree from them but went with ASU for both of his masters. Then a few months after that he is able to teach for UOP. hmmmmm. granted he has been working in his field for over 8 years- but some of the people that are taking his class have decades of health care administration experience - but lack the letters behind their names. I bet they could teach the class as well as Nate. Then he is dealing with a student that copies and pastes her comments and papers- one paper was entirely copied and pasted off of the internet. I think if you are in a graduate program that you would know better- he was directed to give her a zero for the paper and her comments and tell her to take a class on ethics or something. I think she should have been kicked out of the entire program. But then how could they get any more money from her? Right? One guy in Nate's group at ASU turned in a rough draft with copied and pasted work- it was just a rough draft that he was going to revise- and his whole group was in trouble- that is what happens at ASU. blah blah blah.. he is finished with the training and just has to get through this class. hopefully it will get easier- that is what we here- but he is not going to do it all the time- just here and there. It would be nice to hang out with him in the evening again- i waited 7 years to do it- and now this class has taken it away!

Mike and Becca said...

yeah I did try to comment once and i wondered what the blockage thing was? anyway, just remember lots of people check and read but just don't comment...

Burgess said...

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