We've had a week of firsts.

  • Brad and I were watching a movie in bed last night about 11 when we heard someone in the bathroom. We gave each other quizzical looks. A few seconds later, Cohen came to our doorway, waved and said goodnight. He's never done that before! Usually, if he wakes up having to go to the bathroom, he yells out for one of us and we walk him to the toilet. I love 4. It's a total transition from toddler to kid.
  • Jace said "I love you"! My mom is my witness. He said it to her on the phone after he said it to me twice. I cant get him to say it again for Brad but it's SO dang cute!
  • Jace also went tinkle in the potty! He was nakey and about to get in the bath so I just sat him on the thrown first. He totally peed! The potty training method I used for Cohen says 21-22 months is the perfect time to potty train. I think that's only true if you kid can talk, which Jace doesn't really. So I'm going to give him a few more months.
  • We spent a lovely Friday evening picnicking at a little park just off the 202 near Mill. The airplanes from Sky Harbor fly right over, the light rail zooms by and you can see the water from Tempe Town Lake. Our kids loved it! It was gorgeous weather. We threw rocks in the lake for a while. I fell in love with Brad all over again when he took some of our dinner to a homeless guy sitting in the park. Be still my heart.


Allen and Rachel Knight said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! You do have a lovely little family. I really like them.

Rita said...

Yay for firsts! Your week does sound fantastic. That park sounds awesome, I think we might just have to check it out. Olivia is very into planes lately.

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

Elijah got his first black eye. It totally looks like child abuse. He ran into a wall or something like that. He is so clumsy.
We are so ready for Oliver to start talking man. All he does is "uuuuuuuuu, uuuu" grunting.
That's awesome that Cohen went potty by himself. We've been trying to get Elijah to do that.

Amanda said...

i remember airplanes were so much fun when Hyrum was smaller.