Bad budget. Now what?

The fight is not over --- tell the story of the consequences of these cruel cuts.

o Don’t let any opportunity pass without sharing your story, the story of the people you serve, the agency impacts, the layoffs, and the pain and suffering.
o If the consequences are invisible, the general public will not know or understand the great disservice of these cuts to our shared community life.
o Be present at the Legislature on PAFCO Action Days and let the Legislature know these cuts are bad and not acceptable and we will hold them accountable for these bad decisions.
o Continue to write the Governor and your legislators with your stories of impact. Share them with PAFCO and others.
o Be a voice of reason and compassion and good economic sense in the midst of cruelty of these cuts.
· Organize and turn out the vote for May 18 - Prop 100 sales tax referral election. ( www.yeson100.com )
o It is not just about the money, the extra billion dollars that is badly needed.
o The billion dollars would not stop these cuts but will prevent more and deeper cuts.
o But more importantly a Yes vote will send the message that Arizonans care about the quality of their lives, their children’s education, their neighbors and our communities.
o If there is a NO vote, that message will be that Arizonans don’t want government and government support of education and health and human services and other vital services.
o This is also a referendum on the future of Arizona.


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