Baby Jace is 2!

35" tall (67%)
24.7 pounds (12%)
head 19.5" (72%)

The pediatrician wants me to put him back on whole milk because he's too skinny. I'll do it, but the kid is just going to be skinny. (Have you seen his Dad?) He out-eats Cohen at every meal. He'll eat 3 pancakes for breakfast, where as Cohen barely eats 1. He eats whole sandwiches while Cohen fights down a half. I cant explain why he isn't gaining weight... but I'm not worried.

More Jace updates to come. It's too hot up here in the office to think or type. The dreaded summer has begun!


Leah said...

Happy birthday to your little man...I love that he eats more than his big brother....and that he weighs as much as my 1 year old....

Jaime S. said...

oh i forgot to ask about his party when you came over. co-dogs sun hat is here.
jace doesn't look skinny to me. those docs have so many opinions.