There are so many things I wish I were good at.

Among them, quilting. I just came across this link on the blog "I Have To Say..." My grandma and great grandma were always making quilts. Every blanket they owned was homemade and had a story. Oh how I would LOVE to make a quilt for my bed. The store bought one we are using is black and gray. I'm so over it. I cant remember why we chose it. It's suffocating, or something.

I'd like to say that the
step by step instructions make it easy enough for me to follow, but I cant even really operate my sewing machine. So.... there goes that.

For the record, the other things I wish I were good at are:
playing piano
general sewing
scrapbooking or otherwise documenting our lives
(in no particular order)


KatieJ said...

I'm so right there with you! Quilting is on my "someday" list- that is a beautiful quilt!

Rita said...

I like that blog too.

I also wish I was good at just about everything on your list including quilting and I could add a few more of my own as well.

Jaime S. said...

i want to make my own quilt for our bed too. i've been thinking about it for months.
grandma's are cool. they could do so many things.
i think you are good at documenting your life (blog) and i always considered you good at yoga. better than me at least.

Allen and Rachel Knight said...

Well I wish I were more like you. So there.