Cohen's precious prayer tonight:

Heavenly Father,
We're grateful for this great day.
Please bless Uncle Steven to get a job. A good job.
Maybe at a high school.
We're so grateful that Dylan graduated...
from preschool.
Please bless Uncle Sean in Afighanistand
to do a really good job and help lots of people.
In the name of Jesus Christ,


Amanda said...

sweet boy.

vegas WOLFINGTON said...

4/5 yr old prayers are great. I appreciate the prayers for the job search. Cohen is a cool little dude.

Cara said...

hey got your message on my blog, lets hook up at jaime's for sure, monday or tuesday will work for us too.

Kristal said...

So sweet. I love the Afganistan. My kids all say Dispicable Me in hilarious ways. Kids are the best. Oh, and my kids do the ole, "thank you that we could go up to Show Low to the parade" bit when they want to do something that we're not going to do...guilt! ugh!