Here's the Bizz-Nass

Long time, no post! Our camera is currently unaccounted for and so I keep telling myself that I'll post as soon as I have pictures to post. In the meantime, I'm not documenting our ever-exciting adventures! So here's a recap:

  • We moved into a little rental house at the end of May. We're SO happy with it! We love the location (near everything!) and are just so thrilled to have our own space.
  • We spent 3 nights in Rocky Point with our friends Travis and Julie. HEAVEN, I tell you! Never mind that the chief of police got shot 6 times the day we left to come home. We LOVED every minute of it and even call it our favorite vacation so far. We'll totally go back.
  • My Udall family reunioned in Christopher Creek for a weekend. I loved all the Minute to Win It games, the skits and commercials, and the late night cards with just the mommies. We played a lot of Blurt and Sequence. And we laughed. A lot!
  • Cohen is really timid in the water this summer thanks to his little episode in the neighbor's jacuzzi during the winter. Every time Brad takes him swimming, they do a little lesson and Cohen regains his confidence. It seems like we're always back to square one the next day though. Jace, on the other hand, is a daredevil. He jumps in with a huge toothy smile on his face, never closing his mouth when he goes under! He holds on to his floaty suit and kicks his little legs like crazy.
  • Jace is talking a ton. Finally. The other day, the first thing he said to me in the morning was, "I watch a show, Nonny?" (He has never called me Mommy. I used to really push it but now I think Nonny is cute.) He repeats everything Cohen says, all day long. Co often tells him, "Stop saying what I'm saying!" I remind him that Jace is just trying to learn to talk and he goes, "Oh yeah. I forgot." Everyday.
  • Cohen has been saying some awesome prayers on his own lately. Today, over pizza at Rector's house, he asked that the pizza make us really strong and really fast. And that our daddies would have fun at work. And P L E A S E help us to be fast. He often prays for his cousins by name and asks that they have a good night of sleep.
  • Brad spends his days at UOP and his nights subbing for someone else's trash route. It's exhausting work but we are so grateful for the income boost. I'm still doing early intervention with developmentally delayed babies and toddlers two mornings a week and now I also teach classes three nights a week at the Family Resource Center. Although the FRC is half the money, I love the atmosphere. I love being surrounded by other social workers. There's a great energy there that I've missed being a contract employee on my own this last year.


stephanie said...

I want to come see your house! Then I remember that we have 4 kids now and sometimes leaving the house requires more effort than i can muster. So we just don't go anywhere. But I am glad for the update. Sounds like things are going pretty ok.

Jamie said...

Love the "stop saying what I'm saying" phrase. Cute updated, Jill!

Amanda said...

by the way, my sis in law jenna is in your ward. they are in the nursery with jace. if you look closely, you may see her wearing some of your maternity dresses to church. :) they ended up at my house after Meagan, so I loaned them to her. Hope that's ok. :)

KatieJ said...

You guys ARE busy! But it sounds like it's good too. I'm glad to hear what you've been up to!

Jodiane said...

all of that sounds rad. good job.