It's hard work to be 4.

Cohen doesn't usually nap anymore unless I force it upon him. Today, I had a bit of paperwork to do during Jace's nap and apparently Cohen was bored right to sleep!

We started a new babysitter today and I think it's a good fit. The woman's youngest child started kindergarten this year so she just takes random drop off kids while their parents work or go to appointments. She is cheap, close and fun which is all I can ask for in a babysitter! It makes leaving them, while I work, a little less painful.

In other news, I feel much better yesterday and today. Two full weeks after I started feeling YUCKY, I'm finally feeling better. Hallelujah.



Dude, talk about Bah-ring. Fricking snooze-fest!

Jaime S. said...

cohen looks so tall spread out like that. i'd guess he was a 6 yr old.

Cara said...

Four is a fun age. I have to say I enjoy Charlotte much more now that she's four instead of "dig in your heels" three.

shell said...

and i'm sure the soup helped. duh