2010 Balloon Fiesta in "the Q"

It's a 7+ hour drive to my Dad's house in Albuquerque so we broke it up by spending one night in Holbrook with my Grandma Wolfington. The boys love being in Holbrook because it is train central.

We got to "the Q" on Friday afternoon. We took the kids to a corn maze, which was hilarious. They couldn't have cared less about the maze but LOVED running through the corn fields! We zonked out early that night because we had to be up at 4:15 to see the hot air balloons launch.

I had no idea that we'd be right on the field where the trucks unloaded and launched the balloons! It was really fantastic! Jace was a bit overwhelmed so he got held most (or all) of the time but the rest of the kids ran from balloon to balloon. I think they launched 500 balloons in 4 hours. Pretty impressive. All the kids got to ride in balloons that were tethered to the ground; so they went up about 20-25 feet.

It was fun to be under one roof with my brothers families. Our kids have a great time together and once they go to sleep, the grown ups have fun together too! Saturday night, we sat around telling stories about fights we've been in. My favorites were Liz's "desert party" story and Brad's "saved by Christian Nielson" story! I love that Brad of mine! He is so pure. :)


Mike and Becca said...

those balloons are so fun to watch. Sounds like a great time

shell said...

what fab pics.