I love online shopping. Most of the time, I fill my online cart and then just walk away without actually spending any money! It's gratifying in a weird way. It's like my brain thinks I ordered it all and it'll be arriving in the mail in a few days. Only it doesn't.

Here's some of my recent "purchases": (also known as my wish list)

Yes to Carrots

Games and books at Amazon
(I'm soooo sick of reading the same kid books over and over...)

I also think these are FANTASTIC! Wouldn't they be great in a stocking or at a kid's birthday party?

I used to think I'd just "make" my kids eat the crusts. Now, I'll use any gimic or trick just to get them to have a few bites.


Every house full of boys needs these.


Meagan said...

We do that, too, but we actually go to the mall. We spent most of the day yesterday at San Tan mall window shopping. I tried on a bunch of stuff, looked at jewelry, and pretended like I'd find it all in my closet if I ever looked for it. It's oddly gratifying. I'm not really sure why. But at least it keeps us from ACTUALLY spending all that money, right? I'll have to try the online shopping thing sometime. It sounds great.

Mary Postert said...

So we've been cleaning out my grandma's house and I found a big stack of children's books. Nobody wants them. They're old, but fun. Do you want to look at them and see if you want any?