Pumpkin Carving

Love it or hate it? I cant ever decide.
I guess it's fun to carve one pumpkin each year.
Cohen even helped scoop out the guts this year.
Jace just wanted to stab the pumpkin with the knife.
I dont think we'll do individual jack-o-lanterns until the kids are 12.
Thanks for a fun family night, G & G Stoddard!

On an unrelated note, Jace is so super cute and SO SUPER ROTTEN all rolled together. He now hits and kicks Cohen without provocation or remorse. He thinks that if he flashes that adorable smile, we wont get mad at him for being naughty. He has no idea that his stint as baby of the family is about to come to a screeching halt. This new kid is going to turn his universe upside down!


Amanda said...

hate carving pumpkins. what a smelly mess. i just glue on and poke things in them for decoration.

Emily Gordon said...

I think... I need to come see you guys soon. I miss all your faces.

Courtney said...

I hate it! We opted to dip carmel apples instead...well, I voted since I was in charge!