"Why do people keep calling me Dracula?"

People didn't recognize our dark haired Cohen!

Can't this face win us some money somehow?!

We had a Happy Halloweek at our house!
Wednesday: neighborhood carnival
Friday: Cohen's preschool party and then the pumpkin festival at Mother Nature's Farm
Saturday: our Trunk-or-Treat and my Uncle Collin's BOOthday party
Sunday: Opie Family Halloween party

We are full of candy and sick of wearing our costumes!
Until next year...


melmck said...

we had about that same amount of parties and gracie's costume was totally trashed by saturday night.

Amanda said...


Rebecca said...

Cohen's costume and make-up were perfect! I don't think a single person didn't have to think about who he was at the family thing!

Also, I can't believe after all that in your Halloween week, you posted this ON Halloween after yet another party! You're inspiring. I'm a year behind and Jamie is totally annoyed about it! I know how busy you are, there are not excuses!

Jill said...

One of my goals for this year has been to stay up to date in journaling. Since I dont really write in another journal, I have to try to stay up to day with the blog and with printing pictures and getting them in a book. No cute scrapbooking, mind you. Just pictures slide into plastic pockets. But at least we'll have 2010 documented!

Rebecca said...

I like that. I need to get over the idea that it needs to be perfect or fancy. (It's not getting done with this mindset!) I just really want to journal our moments. I need to make it an active goal as you have. Umm... in January! ;)