Thanksgiving 2010

It was a full house, for shizzle!

I used to call it THATCHgiving and it was my very favorite holiday of all. Since my grandparents died, our Thatcher tradition kind of died with them. Sad to say, but true. My extended Udall family is just too big and too spread out across the country now. Only 3 of my mom's 8 siblings attended our Thanksgiving this year. I guess I'm ok letting go of the old tradition and starting new ones. We had a GREAT time this year. All of my siblings' families stayed at my mom's house. There were almost 25 of us under one roof for 3 days!

Although I didn't love sharing a bed with Jace, it was fun for all of us to be there together for that much time. Our kids play really well and all the adults get along well too, which is rare I think. It's lovely. At one point I asked my step-dad Dave how he was doing with the crowd. He said, "Someone once said that the best part about grandkids is the taillights." !!!! We both laughed! He was such a good host. He built us fires, cooked us food, did our dishes and took us on a hay ride. We just drove around the cotton fields singing as many Christmas carols as we could muster up the words for.
It was so fun and hopefully a new Thanksgiving tradition.

The in-laws all braved Walmart at midnight for Black Friday sales. They say it's a new tradition and I say 'more power to ya! I'll be home in bed!' We also went to Merry Main Street in Safford which was not worth repeating. We wish we would have stayed home and sat around the piano with Aunt Alayne!

There are so many fun things to do at G&G Lindsay's. The kids love the tire swings, the sand pile, throwing rocks in the muddy canal, chasing lizards, playing in the basement, etc, etc.

So we'll do it all again in 2 years. Liz and I will have new babies before then. Maybe Meagan too. Dylan will be on his mission! Noah will be almost 16 and will be begging Steven to let him drive around Solomon, in a real car not in a go-cart. I can see it all now and it's gonna be great! Even if it's just us.


Elysa said...

I was waiting to hear your Thanksgiving post. I miss the big Thanksgivings WE used to have there at the house with the now too-big and spread out generation. Maybe we'll just have to join you guys next time!

Amanda said...

let's not stop trying to get together. I am still planning on something small overnight at the church next summer. I LOVE my cousins. :)

Meagan said...

I'm sad to see the tradition go, too. But I do love our new tradition. I guess the old one had to go some time. We had a GREAT time at Thanksgiving! If the in-laws are planning a tradition to always do Black Friday, we should plan some kind of tradition, too, that we do at home. Like, drink hot chocolate and go to bed by 9......