Hello Zoloft? Are you working?

My anxiety is through the roof today!
I spent HOURS and DAYS and WEEKS working on a certain Christmas gift that I finally finished and ordered on the 12th. It was supposed to be on my doorstep by Saturday the 20th. When it wasn't, I looked up the tracking information on USPS. "Undeliverable address." Of course, you cant get a hold of a human at the USPS on Saturday or Sunday so I called this morning. My precious parcel was sent back to the manufacturer because of the undeliverable address. So I called the manufacturer, waited on hold for no less than 35 minutes, only to finally reach someone who hardly spoke English! It took us ten minutes to establish that my last name is not Stobbard. Eventually, after a very unproductive and aggravating conversation with that person and then another 7 minutes on hold, I spoke to a representative who told me that all returned merchandise is shredded for privacy purposes. SHREDDED! So my gift has to be re-produced and re-shipped. I almost fainted. Thankfully, the kind man waived the charges to re-produce and re-ship by citing on my account that it was their error, even thought it was not. I had ordered it with the current street address and old zip code!!!!

This is why I start my Christmas shopping in October. Even with this disaster, I'm going to get it by December 6th. My sanity doesn't allow for December shopping. I would lose every single marble I've got left!


Jamie said...

I went to the mall a few weeks ago and freaked out! I will not be at the mall again probably until about February or maybe even March! Good for you for getting it all done!

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

The silver lining behind this is now I get to use the name Bard Stobbard, when I refer to your husband. I've been waiting for a really sweet nickname for him and ALAS... it is done.

Mike and Becca said...

oh man that could have been a mess. I mean it was a mess, but had they shredded that thing!!!! ahhhhhhh off with their heads!