Let's be adults about this

Every (I dont know how often), our church has a Saturday night conference with our local leaders and kids aren't allowed. I love it. People who dont have kids yet dont appreciate the splendor of a kid-less meeting. I just sit. And listen. And write. And think. And internalize. It's so very lovely.

We had such a meeting last weekend. It did not disappoint. We were especially early because my hubs said the opening prayer. Since he's still limping from his sprained foot, we snagged seats right on the 2nd row.

Some of the pearls of wisdom included a recount of Alma 50 (in the Book of Mormon) where Moroni is fortifying the cities to protect his people from the attacks of enemies. This was likened to the imperative responsibility we, as parents, have to fortify our homes and protect our families from Satan's attacks. Moroni mounded up "heaps of earth round about all the cities". These heaps were likened to our personal and family prayers; our first line of defense. Then Moroni "caused that there should be timbers... built up to the height of man". These timbers were likened to our personal and family study of the scriptures, that being our second line of defense. Moroni then built "a frame of pickets" upon the timbers. "They were strong and high." These pickets are likened to our Family Home Evenings, where we spend quality time building our family relationships and teaching gospel principles. Lastly, Moroni "caused towers to be erected that overlooked those works of pickets, and he caused places of security to be built upon those towers." These "watch" towers were likened to our temple worship. Only with these preparations in place are our families sufficiently protected "against the coming of (our) enemies". Take away even one, and we leave our families vulnerable to temptation and harm.

We tend to make light of these "Sunday school" answers because they are so basic. I have a renewed understanding of their importance in protecting my dearest ones.

More pearls to come...

On an entirely unrelated note, I double love all the jewelry from this designer in Colorado. Especially the "how soon is now necklace", the "hover necklace" and pretty much all the earrings.


stephanie said...

i was just thinking about how much more i got out of our adult meeting saturday night vs. our regular meeting (with kids in tow) sunday morning. it's pretty ridiculous.

sounds like your meeting was pretty good, too.

M. G. said...

When I taught that lesson to my seminary kids last year I tried to stress how important it was for them to rely on the prophet for guidance..ie..the man in the tower who can see afar off...their view is from the trench..as in dirt. It is amazing to me that at the ages of 14-18 kids really think they can make big decisions without help. So..Scary.