The waiting game

I had contractions for several hours Thursday morning.
Then same thing on Friday morning.
When they woke me up Saturday and continued pretty consistently for 3 hours, I thought FOR SURE we were having a baby!
Alas, I am still pregnant.
I had Jace 2 days early and I am now 2 days from my due date... but no contractions since Saturday. I feel like he missed the perfect window cuz now both my big boys are sick. Cohen has a cough and "just feels funny" and Jace has a fever, which likely means an ear infection or two.
I REALLY dont want to get induced but I also REALLY want to have this baby already!


Jamie said...

Such good news that your body is getting ready! Yeah! Oh and there is NO good time in this winter season to have a newborn. Grady was terribly sick when I had MIles. I hope they all feel better and I hope you have this baby soon. I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted. :)

Jamie said...

SO exciting! Did you guys decide on a name?

Wolfingtons said...

Oh no. The boys are sick. Let me know how I can help

Auburn said...

crossing my fingers and praying for you at the same time . . . and just generally feeling sorry for you . . . cuz the end of pregnancy just sucks.

Lauren said...

Maybe he will come super fast when he does come! I swear I had contractions like that every single night with Abigail for almost TWO weeks. It was the worst. Never knowing if they would last... I think I became addicted to Tylenol PM during that time.