(the birthday party at Golfland)
Cohen's birthday was so fun! After birthday pancakes and opening a shirt with his name on it, we spent the whole day playing. Brad even took the day off! Grandma Lindsay took him shopping for "light-up shoes" while Aunt Karolyn and I slaved over his cake. Golfland was a total hit with all the kids. It was super funny to watch them goofy golf and then really enjoyable to sit and relax while they climbed in the giant play structure. We'll definitely go again.
I feel like now that the birthday is over, we can actually focus on the "BIRTH day". I really didn't want to have this baby close to Cohen's birthday. I'd love for them to be at least a week apart but we'll see how it goes. All the sudden this evening, I'm SO uncomfortable. I can hardly walk or do much else. No contractions, just light headed and sore and super waddley. Maybe it'll pass and I'll feel fine again tomorrow. I guess only time will tell. As nervous as I am to have a newborn, I'm so very excited to meet him!


Emily Gordon said...

I'm so excited to meet Brother of the Day, too! :)

Lauren said...

Glad the party was a hit! And I hope you have a baby before your due date. Those last weeks are the worst. I keep checking in waiting to hear all about it.

Cara said...

May he come sooner rather then later. I'm jealous that your due date is only a few days away.