Cohen is 5!

What's your favorite color? orange and white
Favorite show? Tom and Jerry, Wow Wow Wubzy, Little Bill
Favorite toy? my new buzz rocket ship
Favorite thing to do? jump on the trampoline, go down the really cool slides at the park, and go on the swings
Best friends? Eli, Kenzie, Oliver, Madison, still Jarom even if he's mean, and Emmett, and Ali the dog of Madison, and the Vance kids, and Addie
What are you most excited about? going to Golfland for my birthday, and for summer to go in Addie's pool. The slide is too scary but I like to do the diving board.
What scares you? nothing, except alligators that are fake that crunch.
What makes you happy? making a funny face, playing with my cousins and friends
What's your favorite thing to eat? fish sticks and chicken nuggets with ketchup and barbecue sauce
What do you think is gross to eat? coconut milk-water and sour grapefruit
Where do you love to go? Grandma Stoddard's
What's the best thing about being 5? being happy
He added: I'd like to go to Disneyland. And I love you and Dad and Jace.


stephanie said...

What a big kid! And so handsome.

How are you holding up, Jill?

Jordan said...

Coconut milk water?!

Leah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY JACE! I loved reading your little interview with him...what a precious guy...hope the Golfland party went good!

Jill said...

Brad bought a whole coconut once, thinking it would be fun to cut open and drink the milk. If you've ever done it, you know it's nasty. Cohen was NOT a fan. And he calls it milk-water cuz it is really runny and watery.

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

Cute birthday pancakes! Happy bday Cohen. We love you.
Whatever you two, coconut milk is yum.