Better him than us?

Since the boys got home last Thursday, Jace has been waking up several times a night. Sometimes, it's funny. He'll yell out something like, "Ma! I need go Golfland!" Other times he says his ear hurts and he even has a legit fever to back it up. Or maybe he just needs to ask, "Monny bed?" Whatever the reason, he literally wakes up, and wakes the rest of the house, all night long. We decided to try putting him in the queen bed with Cohen to see if the companionship would help at all. I didn't hear him until after 5:30 this morning. He was talking to Cohen about I dont know what. I went in to shush him and tell him he had to be quiet until the sun came up. A groggy Cohen said, "He talked to me all night long! I'm so tired!" Isn't that sad!? I was so happy that he hadn't woken me up but it was at the expense of my 5 year old! I asked what they talked about in the night and Cohen said they mostly talked about Golfland. It's kind of a running theme at our house since we're having a cousins party there TOMORROW! for Cohen's birthday. We can hardly contain ourselves. Hopefully the excitement will die down after the party and we'll all be able to get some sleep. Well, at least they'll be able to get some sleep. I will still be roused by a tiny kick to the rib cage and wake up enough to realize that I'm really hungry and thirsty so I'll have a 3 am snack while watching an infomercial about Nordic Trac. 15 days to go!

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Lauren said...

That is seriously so cute!! How sweet of Cohen to just let him talk all night and not come get you. And so very grown up of him. Hope the party was a blast. And I feel for ya! Those last weeks of pregnancy are so rough. Can't wait to see pictures of him once he's here! It makes me a little sad that he'll probably be Jace's age before I ever meet him.