We are so blessed

I have amazingly thoughtful and generous people in my life.
I wished for this for our anniversary and my talented friend Jourdan made it for us and mailed it from Utah.
Pretty incredible.
Friends have brought lunch and oogled at my baby.
My visiting teacher brought dinner one night and took my boys all day another day.
My sister in law kept Cohen over night and all the next day.
My aunt kept my kids while I took Gav to the doctor.
My neighbor keeps offering to have my boys play there while I nap.
My mom has come several times and taken the boys home with her several times.
Another sister in law picked Cohen up from school and kept him all day.
My in-laws have taken the boys several times for several hours.
etc, etc, etc...
We are so blessed.


Lauren said...

I don't think I can have a third baby until we move back to AZ! You look great in that picture!!

Leah said...

What? How very thoughtful!!! What a treasure...I am so happy you have had so much help...I'm sorry I have been a bad cousin and haven't helped...love you