1 month old Gavin

  • Brad almost never gets his name right. He calls him Jace about 87% of the time.

  • He usually eats every three hours at night which gives us lovely chunks of sleep.

  • We are still feeding him every 2-2.5 hours during the day with mama's milk mixed with rice cereal to aid his digestion/reflux.

  • He started smiling at us this week!

  • I've never seen a baby with more gas than this kid. He literally toots constantly around the clock. My Favreau cousins would be so proud! :) (Sorry Aunt Alayne)

  • He hates the car seat and the stroller so we may be spending all our time at home.

  • His brothers adore him and talk in the highest pitch possible whenever they talk to him. It's darling, usually.

  • His hair is already so much lighter than when he was born. Today someone called him a red head. Grandma Stoddard will be thrilled to hear that!


M. G. said...

He is looking a lot like Cohen. Yeah for figuring out what makes him happy...fussy babies are challenging...especially when you can't help them.

Amanda said...

He has changed so much already!

Melissa said...

He is so cute Jill! Definitely looks like those other cute boys:) That's is too funny that Brad can't figure out his name though! Sorry he has been a fussy one, hope it keeps getting better!

Mike and Becca said...

wow- if that's not your little face there I don't know what is! Totally see you in him and I dont' so much in the other two

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

I'm always so impatient to see what they are going to really look like after the infant amorphousness wears away.

lisa said...

I am sorry to hear your baby is having troubles! That is so hard! He is sure cute!