Elder Scott was so tender as he spoke about his late wife and the death of his young son Richard. My sweet friend Holly passed through the veil on Saturday, finally free of the broken body that has troubled her since the day she was born. I've spent all night and morning thinking about her family, especially her dear husband. I wonder if he sobbed all through Elder Scott's talk. He can certainly relate to the closing line, "We will appreciate each other even more having spent this time separated by the veil."

Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows that the saying "time heals all wounds" is a big fat lie. I have found that the only thing that makes death bearable is an understanding and testimony of the plan of salvation. Picturing Holly running and laughing on the other side of the veil, welcomed Home by people who love her, and knowing that he is sealed to her eternally, are what will sustain Quintin.

I believe, with all my heart, that families are forever. I believe there is Life after this earthly life. I know the pain of death/ separation is powerful and sometimes almost overwhelming... were it not for the eternal perspective the plan of salvation affords.

What a blessing to have lived with Holly. What a joy to have known her and witnessed her positive attitude in the face of so many disheartening trials. Holly was radiant with happiness. She had a positive attitude, always looking for the best in others, never judgmental, or self-pitying. She brought sunshine to everyone she met. I think even Heaven is a little brighter now that she's Home.


Auburn said...

beautiful post. loved that talk.

Mike and Becca said...

the funeral was great. Wish I could have sat next to you at it.