I have nothing to wear.

Brad hates hearing me say this. And I say it all the time. I hate my clothes. I always hate my clothes. I think its been 5 years since I didn't hate my clothes. I buy things because they are on sale, not because I love them. It's silly, I realize. I'm not pregnant anymore, thanks for noticing, and yet today I wore maternity jeans and a maternity shirt. I know we all do that for a little while but how long is it ok, really? So I have a new goal. An objective really. I'm going to seriously purge my closet, organize it and make it pretty. I cant even imagine having a closet full of clothes that I actually wear. I intend to conduct a brutal edit, asking myself: Do I love it? and Do I wear it? If I don't answer "yes" to both questions then it's gone. This might be terrible timing because I'm not sure there are many things that fit, that I love and actually wear. I may end up with an empty closet and no budget to refill it. I just have to start somewhere. In other news, Gavin started Zantac today. The poor dear just never seems comfortable. He's always rigid, grunty, and fitful. We have our fingers crossed... *** Update*** Brad's buddy Andrew is married to the ever stylish fashionista over at Cardigan Empire. She just posted the 411 on when stores do typically do their markdowns. Let's be honest, I'm never going to pay full price so the compromise is that I need to buy higher quality items that I love, once they've been marked down a bit. (Can I bring myself to spend $40 on a shirt?! I have to bite the bullet and do it.) Great info, Reachel!


Jennie said...

Jill I know how hard life is with a baby with reflux. 2 of my kids had it...Ambree being the worst and couldn't sleep unless she was in an upright position..and even then, she'd spit up in her sleep and wake up sometimes until she got older. We would swaddle her and have her sleep in a carseat in her crib or in the swing, or I would wear her.

We did zantac for both girls and that helped! We could almost NEVER do tummy time because of their reflux (until they were older). We too, kept them upright as much as possible after a feeding to help.

And since you're breastfeeding, here's a not so fun list of things to avoid eating as taken from www.askdrsears.com (one of my favorite medical advice sites):


Fatty foods
Fried foods
Stringy foods: seeds, skins, stringy fruits and vegetables
Acidic foods: citrus, tomatoes, peppers, onions
Meats with a lot of gristle
Caffeine: coffee, tea, soft drinks (caffeine increases gastric stomach acid production)
Carbonated beverages
High sorbitol fruit juices (prune, pear, and apple)

Jennie said...

Oh and about the clothes, good for you!! It's a great idea to do that. I did it at 4 months post partum and it felt SO good to do so. I went on a girl date with a stylish friend and we went to TJ Maxx and I got a new wardrobe for cheap with her help. It felt SO good to get something inexpensive and that I loved. Good luck with your new clothes!!

Heidi said...

i'm right there with you. I have a closet FULL of clothes. When we get moved in I will look it over and filter it out. Maesyn has a few of my shirts she likes to wear for pj's and I have a few cute ones that only look good with skirts, so I have to remember my seasonal choices and not get rid of something I do like (but just in summer).. Then i'll have some of the young women over to take what they like off of my hands. (some of it will be too big and that will go to the garage sale pile).

Auburn said...

I think we ALL have the closet problem. I feel like I've gotten a tinge better at buying stuff I really love, but I'm still buying a whole lot of CRAP too that was just a big fat waster of $$ - cause it was on sale?? REALLY?? So ridiculous. Hoping the Zantac helps!

Jaime S. said...

i wish i had cute clothes to give you. i've been wearing the same crap for 4 years with no end in sight.

Mike and Becca said...

ok so I've been late on the baby gift sending, but i'm glad because now I know what i'm going to send.... his mother a gift card to a clothing store! He'll love that more than any of his own clothes, plus i'm sure he has enough hand-me-downs SO if you want to pick a place you like to shop tell me or if you are too modest then you may get one to the DI. Also i'm not sure i have your address and i'm too lazy to get up and look right now so send me that too. ANd good luck with that list of things not too eat, looks like popsicles is all that's left so have at it...

Meagan said...

Roy tells me all the time that he's sick of me saying that I have nothing to wear. And I have that illness, too, that I can't spend very much on clothes (did we get that from Mom? ...And maybe Grandma?) so all my stuff is kinda crap anyway. So I spend the same amount on a LOT of clothes that I don't really love myself in, rather than on a FEW clothes that I can rock. I go through that phase quite often when I clean out my closet and tell myself I'm going to refill it with stuff I'll wear. But, when I ask myself those two questions, sometimes the answer is "I'll wear it and love it when I'm skinnier." And there it sits in my closet for another 9 months and then I'm pregnant again..... I hope you're more successful than I am. :) Good luck!

I'm so glad you guys got that medicine for Gavin. I know it's extra money but, seriously, Braden was a totally different person after we started him on it. I hope it works the same for you guys.

Sorry I couldn't find my baby bjorn. :( I'll see if it spot it during our next move. I know it's in a bag somewhere with a sling. That bag is either at Goodwill or somewhere in our house. I'll let you know if I find it. Maybe by then Gavin will be able to sit in it a little better.

Alan said...

I don't have anything to wear either.

Carrie Carp said...

I just had a yard sale to get rid of what I hate, and this year I started only buying Goodwill Dollar Thursday clothes just to feel not totally frumpy. Ever so slowly I'm building up my supply of clothes that make me feel not like a giant nasty blob.

So anywho, I hear you, and thought I'd let you know that with a very tiny budget I've been able to start changing my closet to be something that I enjoy looking at, and full of things that make me feel (almost) pretty!