We've had an eventful few days.

Jace FINALLY turned 3 on Saturday and we celebrated at the Scottsdale train park. I say "finally" because since Cohen's birthday in February, Jace has been ACHING for his own birthday. He had to wait through 5-6 other cousin parties between then and now. Each time we were at someone else's party, he painfully asked, "When nie dirtday, Ma?" Brad took the boys golfing at Golfland on Friday, cuz we had free passes. We filled the living room with green balloons and green streamers to greet Jace Saturday morning. He LOVES all things green right now. Then we loaded up and headed to the train park. It was a perfectly beautiful spring day full of grandparents, cousins, kites, cupcakes, and train rides. It was Gavin's first big outing and he did great! He didn't sleep much but we knew he wouldn't. Our kids dont sleep in car seats or strollers or being held. It's painful! But he was happy and all that awake time set up for a long afternoon nap when we got home. In fact, ALL of us came home and slept for 2 hours! It was heavenly!

Easter morning was really fun too. The boys hunted for the eggs we had colored. Brad says that I went totally overboard on Easter but I think it was perfect. Just enough eggs, not too much candy.

Gavin and I went to church for the first time on Easter Sunday. We had been there all of ten minutes when my brother sent Brad a text that my Grandpa Wolfington was unresponsive in a hospital in Flagstaff. We came immediately home and got the call that he had actually past away. So my brother picked me up and we headed to Flagstaff. Brad stayed home with all 3 boys, including our 7 week old because, like I mentioned above, he just doesn't sleep in the car seat or being held. Plus, we thought it would be just a short trip to Flagstaff and back. WRONG. The mortuary had already picked up the body when we go to the hospital. We had to drive another 2 hours to Holbrook where we met my dad. We weren't able to view Grandpa's body until this morning. Even though Jeff needed to get home to work and I needed to get back to my family, we (with our spouses) decided not to leave my dad to view his father's body alone. I'm glad we made that decision. For me, seeing the body of people who die in old age brings a sense of relief. By that I mean that I absolutely believe that they are more comfortable as spirits free of an old, broken body. My grandpa lost a leg almost 10 years ago to a blood clot and has had such a diminished quality of life since then. He has spent most of his time sitting in his recliner, watching TV. He has maintained his happy, positive personality but I know he has been BORED to tears. I also like to think he was welcomed Home by my brother who has been gone for more almost 20 years now.

Having said all of that, it was really sad to watch my dad view his father's body. It's not easy to say goodbye, even if you believe you'll be reunited in the next life. There is still a period of separation ahead that is not easy to bear. I'm so grateful that Brad encouraged me to stay and be with my dad for that moment. Brad is amazing. A true super-dad.

I came home to a clean house and a smiling baby. Brad is taking a well-deserved nap now. We'll head back to Holbrook for the funeral this weekend.

my boys last visit with their Great Grandpa Wolfington


Amanda said...

what a special time, special boys, and special hubby

Catherine said...


Auburn said...

Oh Jill - so sorry to hear this. But happy that your Grandpa is in a better place. I love the thought of Trevor (I think that's his name) greeting him! What a happy reunion that must be.

Leah said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa...and we sure missed you on Sunday. Your boys were cute. I hope you are hanging in there and that the funeral is ok....hugs

stephanie said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. i am glad you were able to be there for your dad.

and really, brad is such a great guy!

will be thinking about you this weekend.

nonaherrington said...

It's the generational ties that matter, isn't it. Such a blessing to know and love our grandpas. And Brad IS a gem of gems!

Meagan said...

Gosh dangit! I have such a problem with crying these days! That's a sweet picture of the boys with their Grandpa. It makes me miss ours.