"Dont be a stranger, huh?"

He had a way of saying "hello",
So genuine, kind and sincere.
A handshake, a hug, an authentic smile
Made his honesty easy to hear.

A teacher, coach and friend to all;
No one was a stranger for long.
A lover of people, animals, outdoors;
His sense of community strong.

When he applied his magical touch
Metal, wood and stone became works of art.
Each grandchild the favorite, each child his best friend.
His laugh was as full as his heart.

He saw good in people; his judgements were slow.
We're grateful for all that he taught.
In a world full of someones, we're glad he was ours.
His impact more profound than he thought.

This is the poem that I wrote for Grandpa's funeral program. It was a lovely little service that I think he would have really enjoyed. My dad read a little scripture, my siblings and I sang a song, my cousin read his life story and then they just opened it up to anyone that wanted to share a memory. There was a lot of laughter and only a few tears. That was Grandpa: always focusing on the good within the difficult. I think a really great funeral teaches you something about the departed and then allows you to leave feeling better than when you arrived. And we did that yesterday.


Mike and Becca said...

that's awesome Jill. Didn't know you were a poet. I agree with your thoughts abuot a funeral. Glad it was a good one.

Jill said...

I'm not a poet. That poem is a literal answer to prayer. My aunt called me and asked me to do it and gave me less than 24 hours to email it to the funeral home. I sweated bullets over that thing. 2 hours before it was due, I PRAYED and it just kind of flowed out! Pretty great.

Jaime S. said...

glad the poem worked out. funerals are definately for the living. helps us feel better talking about our loved ones. i wish i met him.

Cara said...

It sounds like an uplifting week all in all. The gospel sure does make things easier to understand and cope with. I'm glad it was a good experience. You do have a super-trooper husband!

Auburn said...

I love it! Sounds like a great celebration of your Grandpa's life!

Jamie said...

Such a sweet tribute. K, so if you have a girl next... you should name her Hazel. I love that name. Just saying. :)

Mary Postert said...

Good poem Jill. Sounds like an uplifting funeral, just as they should be. Wish I could have known him.