Little baby, BIG blessing

We finally blessed Gavin today. With my dad living out of state, we have been waiting for a weekend that he could be here. My oldest nephew leaves on his mission in 2 weeks so today was his mission farewell. Since everyone was in town, we jumped at the chance to do the blessing. We couldn't button the back of the blessing outfit because Gavin is 3 1/2 months old, instead of newborn. But it worked out. He actually sat up during the blessing! He's THAT old! And he didn't cry. He's an angel baby. I LOVE him. He is so easy compared to what I remember of the other boys. I'm so grateful for his calm little presence. He's easy going and predictable. He eats, plays and smiles, and then sleeps. Jace never slept. Ever. So he was tired and fussy all day everyday. That was hard.

After the blessing, we had soups and then desserts to celebrate our dads. Strawberry rhubarb pie for my step-dad, German chocolate cake for my dad, chocolate pudding cake for Brad and his dad, brownie/strawberry trifle for my brother Jeff, and coconut Popsicles for my brother Steven. My "hard core" diet was out the window for the afternoon. I absolutely could not resist the splendors. So back in the saddle tomorrow!

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful fathers in my life. I was blessed with AMAZING grandfathers that I adored and miss terribly. My dad, step-dad and father-in-law are all loving and invested in our lives. Honestly, in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined a better father for my children than Brad. I'm not just blowing smoke here because it's Father's Day. He seriously is the most involved, kind, selfless father and truly meets me halfway on our parenting roles. I joke that he's a better Mom than me and a guy at work corrected me, telling me that I can say he's a better parent but it's offensive to say he's a better Mom. Well, whatever.... he's a better parent then! I'm grateful beyond words for what he is to our family.


Jaime S. said...

I use to call John Papa Mr. Mom when he was my mom and dad in Snowflake. He was a great parent to me.
Anyhow, why did Steve get popsicles instead of a pie? I made my first pie yesterday and it was not as "easy" as pie.
Your brother happens to be here now fixing our timer.

Amanda said...

it's worth the wait to bless when family is around. happy day.

Jamie said...

We blessed Trey at 4 months. He sat up too. He looked around and laughed at everyone during the blessings. He was in a white shirt and khaki pants because his outfit didn't fit him. So funny. Glad you had a good day. :)

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

You had some really good taco soup there. I think there was some other kind of soup there too, but no body ate it. :-)
Also, you should have turned your AC down when Brad said to. It was hot.
Also, nice skylights.

Cara said...

Time with family is so worth waiting for. Isn't it lovely to be able to say such great things that are true about your husband? I feel the same way about mine. The dress you're wearing in that picture is so cute! Where did you get it?