Time keeps on ticking, into the future.

Sorry blog. You've been neglected. Blame pinterest. I'm an addict.

Today there is news big enough to bring me out of blogernation: Gavin is 5 months old!

(Jace with his "soff dranket", Co with his "brown baby" and Gav with his toes)

I asked Brad, "hasn't it gone by fast?" and he just laughed. I guess sometimes my forgetfulness serves me well! Newborns are a lot of work, no matter how you dice it. But Gavin has been our easiest baby, hands down. He is so happy to just go with the flow. He literally only stops smiling when he's overtired. Even then, he's not crying or even very fussy. He just stops smiling. That's really saying a lot considering he has two older brothers in his face CONSTANTLY.

They LOVE him. They want to hold him, kiss him, feed him, give him toys, sing to him, lay by him, tell me every time he rolls over or spits up... He's pretty tolerant but definitely enjoys them more from a distance. He loves watching them. The other day Jace was throwing little dinosaurs and making a weird noise and Gavin let out giggle after giggle. It was so cute!

His hair started out dark but he's lightened up like the others. He's definitely his own little person but we sure see lots of familiar things in him. He looks a lot like Cohen did; just a different face shape. Co was super round head and Gav is more oval. He spits up like Jace did and drools like Cohen did. He also somehow looks a lot like my Grandpa Wolfington. EVERYONE tells me "he has a little old man face!" I dont see it but literally EVERYONE else thinks that.

We're sure in love with our Gavity, Gaverton, Gavvy Gav, Baby Gavers or as Jace calls him "Daddin". (Jace has a speech therapy evaluation in his near future. August 17th to be exact.)


Mary Postert said...

Cute pictures Jill. We sure like you guys.

Meagan said...

Love that smiley face!

SouthernAZ WOLFINGTON said...

Gaveroni is one smile-er-ific kid. Just spent a while on Pintrest. Pretty dang cool.

Emily Gordon said...

Ugh! I want to be able to come kiss that face and squeeze those chubby legs!!! I love all of you.

Rachel Marie said...

Those are some cute kids. Are you sure you didn't cut/paste those pictures from a Baby Gap catalog? Maybe photo shop? Daddin can't be real AND that cute... can he?

Jamie said...

He's super cute Jill!

Jamie said...

Really enjoyed this post. Super jealous Gavin is your easiest baby. Miles is my hardest. Just slightly beat out Trey for first place. But I still love him to death. :)