Today is Gavin's 1/2 birthday!

Gavin is 6 months old today. He is seriously the best baby in the history of mankind. He wakes up happy, he smiles all day, and he happily goes to sleep on his own. It's ridiculous how easy he is. I dont care one bit that he still wakes up to eat in the night cuz he immediately goes back to sleep. He's a dream boat. WE LOVE HIM.

Our trip to ASU's speech and hearing clinic on Friday was a total. waste. of. time. After 40 minutes in the waiting room, they called us back to tell us that they dont take our insurance. REALLY?! Cuz I told you what insurance I have when I made the appointment 2 weeks ago! Lame-os. I just sat there getting more and more frustrated because the woman just wanted to keep talking about what they do there and how much experience they have with kids, etc, etc but that no longer matters to me if you dont take my insurance! Grrr. So over an hour later, we headed home a wee bit discouraged. I finally got a hold of our insurance provider and she gave me the contact info for the TWO places in the valley that they contract with for hearing aides. So I only have these two options, both of which were closed Friday afternoon, and no idea if they even have pediatric experience or if they can get us in relatively soon.

Grrrrr. (Did I already say that?)

In other news, Cohen has been on antibiotics since Tuesday for a crackle in his lung that is making him cough like crazy. He missed 5 days in a row of school. Friday, Jace and Gavin both woke up with fevers. Gavin has been ok all weekend but every few hours, Jace's fever soars through the roof. Nobody gets fevers like Jace does. His chest and back get so hot that I cant touch him. So he spent the middle of last night sitting in a cool bath, screaming. Not awesome. Meanwhile, Cohen's hacking cough was so bad that we had to move him onto the floor in the family room so he didn't keep waking everyone else up. I feel so bad for him. There's nothing worse than chronic coughing. It gets so old!

I'm ready for us to be healthy around here.


Scott and Cheryse said...

Sory things didn't work out with you at ASU. I am sure the office you pick of the two will be perfect for you. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Jaime S. said...

I hate chronic coughing too. Hope all gets better at your place.

Emily Gordon said...

I wish I could just ride a bike there and play for a couple days. I miss you guys! And your baby... Adorable!