Now Hear This!

Pretty clever title for a post about Jace getting his hearing aids, right?!

Cutest hearing aids ever.

Worn by the cutest kid ever! I hoped his volume would decrease with the hearing aids. On the contrary, it's like talking into a microphone and so he actually makes MORE noise now.

The boys of summer love the wet trampoline.

We just got back from our 2nd Annual Wolfington Reunion in Albuquerque, NM for the hot air balloon festival. It was COLD, complete with snow on the mountain!, but such a great time. We slept at Keith and Codie Hardy's house cuz it was so crowded at my dad's. We will definately repeat next year. I'll post more pictures and details later. This was our attempt at a group shot! I love it!

While in NM, I noticed that cousin Juniper is eating solids. Gavin is 6 weeks her senior so I decided to get serious about introducing solids today. I forget how MESSY it is to introduce solids but honest to goodness, could that face be any cuter?!


stephanie said...

such cute kids! i'm glad jace's hearing aides are working out. and i just realized that i've never even met gavin! this is tragic.

Cara said...

cute! so fun to see you! yes, what was up with the snow on the mountains already?! cute little baby! cute boys jillio.

Mike and Becca said...

all of them are cute faces and the hearing aids look great!

Cara said...

I'll bet that festival is really fun. I'd like to go some year. Aren't annual tradition wonderful! Are the hearing aids helping with Jace's speech at all? Hopefully they will if they haven't yet.

lisa said...

Family and progress... what more could a girl want.