Because he's 8 months old today

Gavin is today's blessing. We waited a little longer between baby 2 and 3 so by the time Gavin came, I think we had forgotten so much of the joy of a new baby. We love every little thing he does! Jace still yells to me excitedly every time Gavin rolls over (and it's been happening for 2-3 months!) He is unbelievably happy and so full of smiles. We are all so grateful for the sunshine that he has added to our little family.


Amanda said...

sweet boy!

Mike and Becca said...

Love the pic of you and brad and how good a husband he is. Love the memories of your grandparents. I got to that same point if not crying when I think of mine, but now I'm pregnant and digressed (sp) in the crying department. Love the happy Gavin. Yes, you have much to be grateful for