A month of gratitude

I have so many amazing blessings that the least I can do is document one every day during this month of Thanksgiving. You cant help being humbled and overflowing with gratitude when you count your blessings one by one.

At the top of my list is my PERFECT husband, without whom I would be completely lost. Brad is easily the most patient, selfless, thoughtful man I have ever known. He works two jobs and is finishing his MBA. He comes home from one job and takes over with the kids while I go to work. 3-4 nights a week he feeds them and puts them to bed before I get home. Often, he has homework to do or is gone to his other job after the kids go to sleep. He is up with the kids as much, or more, than I am at night. He does the dishes before he goes to bed. He often invites other people's kids to the park, giving several of us moms a break at one time! He never tells me no. "Can I go out with my friends this weekend? Can I buy this shirt? Will you take the kids somewhere so I can be alone? Will you get the boys dressed for church while I finish my hair?" Etc, etc. He is always willing to help and serve no matter how tired he is. He is slow to anger and so forgiving. I never cease to be amazed by his tolerance and patience. It's like a breath of fresh air to me!

I am thankful beyond words for Brad for surpassing everything I ever dreamed of in a husband. I'm a very lucky girl.


Amanda said...

yay Brad!

Auburn said...

You are lucky. He's lucky to have you too!

stephanie said...

brad is a great guy. and you two make a really great team!

Jamie said...

First of all, I LOVE that picture of you two. LOVE!! And second, I agree...he's a keeper!!!