Here we go again!

Brad and I both wish that I had kept up with my blogging because it's such a fun way to journal.  We love looking back at our old posts and reading what was going on.  So, here we go again!  Instead of wishing I would have kept blogging, I'm simply going to start again.  I probably wont every fill in the year long gap but it is what it is.

So here we are in Globe.  We moved here last March for Brad's new job as Director of Patient Financial Services at the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center.  He loves it, but it's killing him.  He goes in before 7 am and works until 5.  We have him from about 5-8pm and then he usually goes back in from 8-11ish.  It's pretty brutal.  We're glad he's not working 3 jobs anymore but he's working just as many hours, or more.  Still, we are happy here and are so grateful for this very unexpected window to be opened to us.  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did I think I'd live in Globe.  I've driven through a million times going between Thatcher and Mesa but I never thought there was any life here.  It's a lot like Holbrook, I think.  It's definitely small town and we're happy for the change of pace.

Cohen and I are both taking piano lessons.  He practices a few minutes twice a day and is coming along.  I never practice so I'm not doing as well.  Shoot.  If I'd just practice for 10 minutes a day, it would make all the difference!  Here's to it!

Jace is in all day kindergarten.  He reading sight words and sounding out new words all the time.  He wears his hearing aids pretty much all day.  He gets tired of kids asking about them but so far they are just curious, not teasing.  He and Cohen often play together at recess.  Neither has made a good friend yet.  Both told me this week that they chase girls at recess, just for fun.  They dont like the girls; they were very clear about that.  The only chase them for fun.  And when they catch them, they just tag them.  Cohen really likes his teacher.  He struggles a little with math, just like his parents, but he's doing really well reading and spelling.

They both play soccer.  They are pretty good for their ages, at least here.  They each usually score 3-5 goals per game.  When Jace scores, he just walks away from the goal slowly without even smiling.  Sometimes he says, "Why is it just so easy for me?"  He's very humble.  Daisy and Kalvin Hansen are on Jace's team.  We're good friends with the family.  Jace for sure has a little thing for Daisy.  He was writing her name during General Conference last weekend and he talks about her ALL.THE.TIME.  So cute.

I am the Young Women's President and Brad is in the Elder's Quorum Presidency and teaching the youth Sunday School class.  He's a rock star with teenagers.  They love him.  And he loves a fresh audience for his jokes and stories!

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