As childhood should be

Christy drove up with her kids for the afternoon.  We went over to the Community Center Park and let the boys explore.  Watching them climb fences, race across bridges and throw rocks into canals made me SO happy for them.  Those are the things of my childhood.  Growing up in Joseph City and Thatcher allowed me lots of free time to explore and PLAY.  Kids these days miss out on that most of the time.  Even today, Christy and I were never more than 50 yards away.  That's just sad for our boys. Gone are the days when kids only come home when they're hungry or it gets dark.  My kids are with me ALL.THE.TIME.  I ache for them to have more freedom, more adventure.  Today was good though.  Those 5 little boys had a lot of fun together, just being kids.


Mike and Becca said...

I'm so glad ur blogging. Love the update and totally agree w the childhood thing. Sometimes I just ache for a day in my childhood. I actually was just about to fb about that very thing. Great minds think alike

Heidi said...

I know. I let Maesyn and Jake ride their bike down the street to a friends...and Maesyn, now 9 just had her first day ever of riding bikes with friends in the neighborhood! Even when I am home i like to keep tabs on my kids. While I was running I wanted to ask Mikah to bring her barbies downstairs to play with them...and I double checked the door was locked. Poor babies.